Nepal Cleaning Solution has an experienced team of workers who have knowledge of the lifestyles, habits, and exposure of all types of pests that can harm the health of humans. They also know how to deal with the capture, identification, and removal of the harmful insects and small rodents from the human living area.

Some of the harmful pests are bedbugs, black ants, cockroaches, fleas, houseflies, moths, etc. These can easily transfer the diseases and humans should be aware of them as prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, controlling the pest is the common issue of every human being.

Pest Control Service In Kathmandu
As we know that there are different pests in this world which carries differently diseases like mosquitoes carry malaria, cockroaches carry typhoid, rats carry plague and fever, etc. Therefore, pest control is a must and Nepal Cleaning Solution is always there for providing the control services to you as residential and commercial controlling services. Some of our services are:
• Checking the pest controlling services useful to the clients.
• Looking through the past records of providing the control services.
• Making sure about the possible output from the pest control.
• Always aiming for further improvements.
• Use of effective pesticides and insecticides.

Reliable Pest Control By Nepal Cleaning Solution

• Inspection of the possible entry points of destructive insects and rodents.
• Proper housekeeping which eliminates the water and food sources from the residential and commercial areas.
• By identifying the risk of harm, they can be eliminated.
• A proper analysis of the reason behind the availability of pests is made.
• Non-Chemical control methods are used than chemical control methods.
• Proper use of documentation includes the scope of service; trap layout maps and pesticide usage reports.

Residential Services
We will eliminate the termites, cockroaches, ants, bees, bed bugs, spiders, mice, rats, pigeons, mosquitoes, beetles, fleas, etc from your home using our team of efficient workers who are familiar with the modern chemicals and technology. Nobody wants to live with these harmful insects and rodents because they even lead us to death.

Commercial Services
The commercial places include apartments, schools, restaurants, offices, hotels, warehouses, supermarkets, etc. we are eliminating the insects from these places because these places are affected by the effects of pests. It is necessary to maintain a healthy environment for your employees and customers. So, we will preserve your prestige by providing proper treatment and observation.

Why Nepal Cleaning Solution Is The Best Pest Control Service Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?
We will provide the services at an affordable cost using the experienced team of expert workers. We have gained the trust of thousands of clients and they are satisfied with our work. We are always ready for controlling the insects and rodents in your areas whether it is commercial or residential.

Contact us if you are in trouble with pests and their domination at home or in commercial places because we have been controlling the growth of these creatures using the latest technology. You will be free from the stress of destructive insects if you want our company.