Nepal Cleaning Solution Pvt. Ltd is established with an aim to promote the kitchen cleaning services in Kathmandu. The kitchen which is made with the purpose of having a comfortable cooking and dining environment should be properly maintained where the personal effort cannot be possible and effective procedures can be followed using our help.

There are many varieties of items in the kitchen like decks, sink, spray countertops and stovetops, refrigerators, micro oven, lower cabinet doors and drawers, dishes and trash. These all equipment and items make a complete kitchen we use daily. Proper care and maintenance is required because we are using it regularly.

Kitchen Cleaning Services
The different procedures for cleaning the kitchen include:
• Cleaning the stovetop: You need to mop the gas burner and if required it should be replaced. You can use the soap and sponge for cleaning the stove surfaces. Also, remove the control knobs of the gas stove and wash it properly. Similarly, the outside of the vent hood should be washed properly using the soapy cloth.
• Wash the oven: You can mop the grates of the oven by dipping in the bucket full of soapy water so that any dirt or stains attached in the grates will be removed easily. You can clean the oven every month using the proper guidelines. It is suggested to remove the racks inside the oven if required.
• Washing away the dirt and stains from the fridge: You should remove all the food from the fridge and use a wet cloth to clean the surface and leave the baking soda inside the fridge so that there won’t be any foul smell inside it. Many people have the habit of keeping the food in the fridge for a long time but don’t know how to maintain it. Therefore, we are here to provide you the services in all aspects.
Moping the freezer is possible by unplugging the fridge and removing all the food from it. You can use the vinegar for clearing the stains from inside the fridge or you can use the spray of the mixture for cleaning the surfaces.
• Washing cabinets and counters: Soapy rags can be used to wipe out the dust and stains from the cabinets. The front part of the cabinets can be washed out using the wet cloth to avoid any color distortion. You can use any de-greasing products for cleaning the counterparts of the kitchen.
• Wash the sink: Wash all the dishes before you clean the basin and other fixtures. Wash the faucets and get rid of mineral deposits. Also, dispose of the garbage properly outside the kitchen.
• Wash all the smaller appliances: You can mop the smaller appliances like toaster, coffee maker, blender and coffee grinder and keep all these appliances together in a safe place inside the kitchen.
• Broom the surface and use the dustbin for collecting the dust. Use the mop and soapy water for cleaning the floor. Keep everything back in their own position and replace the old trash.

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