Nepal Cleaning Solution has put together a group of professionals operating in various buildings and apartments in the field of parquet cleaning and polishing. In this type of interior design, we want to be careful so as to protect the interiors we use the latest modern technology. We use wooden blocks positioned at certain angles in order to protect your furniture.

Parquet provides better features to your house. But, it should be correctly accounted for because it is prone to moisture and humidity. This increases the probability of the parquet in your home to be damaged in a brief period. To have long-lasting parquet in your house or apartment, proper instructions and rules should be followed along with specific steps to be taken. If you want to maintain the quality of your interiors, you can use our company’s professionals to clean and polish the parquet in your home. Nepal Cleaning Services is hands down the best choice for Parquet Cleaning in Nepal.

Best Parquet Cleaning And Polishing Service Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?

  1. Use of latest technology and tools: We use advanced imported tools that aren’t ordinarily available in Nepal to achieve satisfactory work outcomes. Nepal Cleaning Services boasts of thousands of satisfied customers are enjoying our facilities in their homes and apartments.
  2. Experienced and skilled working staffs: Our employees understand how to operate with parquet as they have years of knowledge using parquet floor tools. They are trained and specialize in their work and cooperative, which makes it easier for you to communicate and explain your needs to them, leading to better results.
  3. Effective results: To accomplish our mission, we do not leave any stone unturned. We deliver the best results helping you to maintain and preserve the interiors. Our office comprises of highly trained and skilled staff to cater to the services of your demand.
  4. Consistently good in customer service: We have acquired the trust of our valued customers by delivering the best services over the years. Our responsive behavior and our prompt results in floor parqueting definitely go on the top of our qualities.
  5. Affordable packages: In the field of floor parquet cleaning, we provide the most affordable packages keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. Customers always want the best results in affordable costs. We serve them with a competitively low cost of working. We are therefore delivering parquet services within your budget.

How Do I Polish Parquet Floor?
If you are looking for advice on how to keep your parquet clean and polished daily after getting it cleaned, you have landed at the right page. Nepal Cleaning Services not only provides parquet cleaning services but also help you with the proper maintenance for your parquet floor. Moreover, we specialize in parquet polishing services as well making us the perfect choice for all-in-one services. A vacuum can be used to clean the floors of dust, or an ordinary brush can be used to sweep the floor before polishing. Similarly, if the room is covered with dust, it is suggested that you regularly clean the parquet floor with a damp sponge or mop.

How Can I Protect My Parquet Floor?
While cleaning and polishing your parquet floors are a one time job, protecting them is an entirely different story. It can be quite challenging if you don’t understand the process correctly. You can use a commercial hardwood technician to clean the floor and spray the varnish on the ground. You can then perform the vacuuming and varnishing cycle on the floor. In the future, you will be secure from any potential harm to your parquet floor.

Parquet Cleaning and Polishing Procedures          

  • Crack the floor and scratch the bottom.
  • Fill the spaces between the sections of the parquet.
  • Polish the floor to make it durable.
  • Remove any parquet that is damaged.
  • Replace the old and damaged parquet.

Are you worried about the parquet which has lost its polish and is looking dull? Don’t be upset. We offer you all the services and maintenance regarding the parquet cleaning and polishing in your homes and offices. So, contact us today for best quality parquet cleaning services in Kathmandu, Nepal.