Nepal Cleaning Solution provides residential, commercial, industrial and educational places with the professional janitorial, and maintenance cleaning services. Our experienced team of workers is able to provide quick janitorial cleaning services to the clients for maintaining a healthy environment.
Every one of us needs cleaning services in our home or in the office. Therefore, the commercial janitorial service provided by Nepal Cleaning Solution will be useful and effective for us. It has focused on the quality janitorial services to the clients.

Janitorial Cleaning Services Offered

• Daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services.
• Carpet cleaning.
• Hard-surface floor cleaning.
• Reception area or lobby cleaning.
• Kitchen or restroom cleaning.
• Dusting and window washing.
• Office system cleaning.
• Removal of waste.
• Different types of sanitization programs.

Daytime Janitorial Cleaning Services
Daytime janitorial cleaning services are important for residential and commercial purposes because these places are busy during the day time and there is the flow of people in these areas. There is no need for lighting, heating or cooling of the building and the door will be locked at the end of the end.

Benefits Of Daytime Janitorial Cleaning Services

• Quality building appraisal plan.
• Detailed janitorial cleaning plan.
• Written task and requirements list.
• Regular contact with the supervisor.
• Effective quality programs.
• High level of safety and security.
• The local business supported by national resources.

Commercial Janitorial Services
Commercial Janitorial services include the services for business properties in different types of industries. The commercial cleaning includes health care or medical office cleaning, pre and post construction cleans, etc. Some commercial janitorial cleaning companies provide the one time clean while others provide regular cleaning and maintenance.

Educational Places Cleaning
Janitorial services provide the cleaning techniques and health-conscious products for the sanitization of the learning places. The people will be aware of the modern techniques for proper janitorial cleaning.

Healthcare Cleaning Services
The health of the patients is taken into consideration and the cross contamination will be avoided to prevent harmful viruses and bacteria. The trained janitor services provider will look after the overall healthcare of the people related to the healthcare facilities.

Industrial Cleaning Services
Machine, equipment and other devices need regular cleaning and maintenance which is possible only with the help of experienced workers. The services will be able to boost the performance of the working staffs in that industry.

Construction Cleaning Services
It includes the installation of furniture, machinery, painting, flooring, lighting, etc. The janitorial cleaning services help in the pre and post construction activities that are happening in particular places.

Why Nepal Cleaning Solution Is The Best Janitorial Services Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?
We have a team of experienced workers who have gained the trust of thousands of satisfied customers. We are expanding our services in the coming days and will provide the services with high efficiency. The affordable services packages provided by our company are the major point of attraction for our valuable clients.