Nepal Cleaning Solution has an expert team of workers who can effectively deliver the drapery cleaning services in your home or in office. We are using the different methods of drapery cleaning and will also provide the no-shrinkage guarantee.
We have a different way of drapery cleaning because we use favorable solvents and provide different services while cleaning the drapery. Our services include drapery cleaning, non-drapery cleaning, on-site cleaning, drapery, and furnishing installation. These services are given below:

Dry Cleaning Of Drapery
Our expert team of workers will remove the drapery from your home or office and clean it and return it back in your location. The dust, odors, pollen, soil or stains will be removed from your drapery because we are using the dry cleaning method. There will be no issues related to the decline of the quality of the curtains.
In the past, the drapery used to be cleaned at high temperatures because of which it would cause shrinkage and in order to avoid the shrinkage people used to iron the drapery. Today, the draperies are found in soft silk cloth and hence the washing at high temperature will deteriorate the cloth. Keeping in mind, the drapery is exposed to modern dry cleaning procedures which can make the drapery clean without ruining the original quality.

Steam Cleaning Of Drapery
Injecting the steam won’t remove the embedded dust and stains from the drapery because it removes the surface dust only giving the surface cleaning. However, it avoids the shrinkage of the drapery and makes it neat and attractive for sometimes but after a certain short period of time again the drapery starts looking dull. Vacuuming can also be done but it won’t remove the deeply stuck dust in the drapery.

Washing Of Drapery
The polyester drapery can be washed easily but the fabric drapery if washed will show shrinkage and the gradual deterioration in the quality. The drapery if the iron will even cause a decline in the curtains. The efficient workers will wash the drapery in such a way that it won’t hamper the original quality of the curtains in your home or in office.

Non-Immersion Cleaning Of Drapery
The portion which is dirty from the drapery is immersed in the solution of washable water along with the whole piece because of this the selected part will be washed properly in the solution. The powder used in the solution will remove the dirt, dust and other contaminants from the drapery.

Why Nepal Cleaning Solution Is The Best Drapery Cleaning Service Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?
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Contact us if you want to get your drapes to look new and clean because we will provide excellent cleaning services to you. Customer satisfaction is our target using the team of experts who have been delivering the cleaning services for a long time.