Cleaning your Sofa or Carpets can something you ignore on a day to day basis. Nepal Cleaning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a staff of qualified, skilled, and experienced cleaners and housekeepers who can deliver clients with the premium carpet/sofa/ chair shampooing and cleaning. We work with the customer’s comfort and interests in mind and provide you with the best cleaning services in Nepal. We also offer 24-hour services so as to meet your needs at the time suitable for you.

Kathmandu has become a city covered in dust and dirt in the air today. This results in the particles of dust settling inside our home that settle on the carpet, sofa, and chair. These particles of dirt can impact our health and the hygiene of children in particular, so it is essential to clean these carpets, sofa, and chairs regularly at work.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Never attempt to clean or polish the furniture in your home on your own as the tools you use can yield fundamentally different outcomes, and you may end up regretting it. You need to wash them with the assistance of professionals in this sector to have a clean and sustainable carpet/sofa/chair in your house.
Nepal Cleaning Solutions has the most exceptional operating teams that can provide customers with excellent services and will guarantee them that they will not be stressed about changing the furniture. The cleaners will discover the most efficient approach to shampoo the furniture and clear stains, soil, and spots without missing any traces.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Location and extraction of the spots from the couch.
  • Carpet shampooing for fiber cleaning.
  • Make use of the newest technique with benign yet effective chemicals.
  • Use of specialized instruments to protect the couch/carpet/chair from damage.
  • Customer-friendly cleaning and maintenance packages.
  • Help in reducing the danger of bacterial and viral illnesses.
  • Reduces the wearing effect of the sofa or chair.
  • Make the sofas or chairs look nicer than before.

Sofa Shampooing Services

After your sofa or carpets have been used for a long time, you might be wondering if it’s time to replace it. However, you don’t need to substitute dirty and stained furniture from your house or organizations. Using our fabric shampooing processes, we can create your sofa feel brand fresh. Our crew will also manage and organize the sofas so that in the working areas. We are here to make sure it will look fresh and compelling again.

We use a specific hand tool to clean your sofa that is safe for children and thus increase safety in your house or workplace. Our cleaning company in Kathmandu provides the best and most accessible sofa cleaning packages.

Carpet Shampooing Services

Our specialized carpet shampooing machines are imported from overseas that can remove the stains and dirt from them with hot water. The carpet can be shampooed, the dust lifted and dried.

Our services include a home carpet shampooing, commercial carpet shampooing, and deep cleaning facility that enhance the carpet’s appearance and helps to make the carpet lasting as well. The fine-looking carpet will offer the people a better outlook and increase the motivation to do the chores around your house or at the office or in any place of business.