Nepal Cleaning Solution is willing to use its competence in the field of your lawn or garden because we know what to do when to do and how to do it at the best level in order to bring your garden or lawn in tip-top position. We will deliver quality services so that you don’t have to regret it.
We use the modern gardening equipments like a wheelbarrow, dibber, digging spade, garden trowel, fork hoe, garden knife, garden secateurs heavy-duty hoe, golden gark, oscillating hoe, etc. Using these equipments we provide you the following gardening services:

Garden Fencing And Timber Services
We provide a wide range of garden fencing and timber services throughout the Kathmandu Valley. Some of the other services include pergolas, decking, sheds, and garden gates that provide longevity and protection against the local externalities.

Landscaping- Patios, Stonework
It is said that the patio area is the social hub in the garden for the enjoyment of many people. The local granite can be used to complete the outdoor area where you can have your BBQs. We are also keen on working with the stonework inside the garden which enhances the landscaping.

Garden Maintenance
Garden maintenance includes the regular trimming and weeding your hedges and keeping the flowerbeds look shivery. Similarly, some of the garden maintenance activities include weed killing, grass cutting, lawn care, weeding, hedge trimming, garden waste disposal, pressure washing, etc.

Greenhouse Clearance
The greenhouse demolition project is carried out by an expert team of professionals who can solve the issue of greenhouse clearance within a short time period. The safety standards and environmental aspects are taken into consideration while fixing the greenhouse demolition.

Landscape Design
Landscaping includes turfing, stone masonry, installing a trellis, laying a new patio which gives a new look to your garden. The children can play, run and you can relax with your friends and relatives in a newly designed landscape of your garden.

You can do garden maintenance using patios using our experienced team of workers who can give a different view of your garden. Different varieties of stones can be chosen and are placed in such a way that it looks like a carpet is placed on the floor. You can enjoy yourself with your friends at night with BBQ because the patios can provide you the extra design of the garden.

Tree Services
Our team of expert workers will provide you the services like tree trimming, tree removing, grinding of the stump, felling of a diseased tree, tree maintenance, hedge and bush trimming, etc. There will be no regret while choosing us in doing the tree services because we are experienced in this field.

Why Nepal Cleaning Solution Is The Best Gardening Services Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?
Different types of gardening services are provided by our company and we have a team of experienced workers who can easily maintain your desired garden in an effective way. Thousands of clients have trusted us for the gardening services and we will deliver the gardening services with more modern technologies.