Nepal Cleaning Solution Pvt. Ltd provides different repair and maintenance facilities at affordable packages with the help of experienced working staff. Our team will deliver commercial amenities effectively and efficiently.

The different repair and maintenance facilities include plumbing facilities, electrical facilities, carpentry services, and painting services. These are the facilities through which thousands of clients are benefitted and we are able to receive the positive responses from them.

Repair And Maintenance Services Provided By Nepal Cleaning Solution

1. Plumbing services: We provide various plumbing services to clients. They are as follows:
Hot water system plumbing requires the electric hot water system and gas hot water system plumbing which can be installed indoors or outdoors. Generally, the electric systems are cheaper to buy and install but are expensive to run due to electricity prices.

If the bathroom designs and the build teams are in synchronization then the bathroom renovations will be easy and the length of time required for the work will be short. Bathroom renovations on a budget include the services of a builder, architect, plumber, interior designer, electrician, carpenter, flooring specialist, waterproofing and painter.

We offer drain cleaning services using the high-pressure water jetting units and also offer a preventive drain maintenance program that ensures the drains are working at their optimum efficiency and reduce the risk of expensive drain blockages.

2. Electrical services: The electrical services provided by our company include maintenance and installation of electrical systems and components. There is efficiency in delivering the services and the working staffs are experienced in making the electrical updates.

3. Carpentry Services: The different types of carpentry facilities build fireside mantels, cabinet, bookcase, wooden countertop, etc. The work is carried out by the experienced carpentry workers from our company who have gained trust from the clients and in the near future, we will be expanding our amenities to different parts of the country.

4. Painting services: You should be aware of the proper color selection if you are making paintings in your commercial areas. Nepal Cleaning Solution has been providing the painting amenities to the clients who are in need of the painting in their areas.
It is one of the rational approaches towards making the place of your choice more beautiful and impressive. We provide the different facilities in a customer-oriented approach basis and have a painting schedule for your convenience. We guarantee the work at an affordable cost with the help of responsible employees.

Why Nepal Cleaning Solution Is The Best Repair And Maintenance Service Provider In Kathmandu, Nepal?
We have a strong team of experienced and trained staff who are always ready for providing the services to the clients. We have gained the trust of the clients because of which there is high demand in the market towards the cleaning facilities.

We are thinking of expanding the cleaning facilities in the days to come. The different facilities provided by the company will help the clients to be assured of quality cleaning amenities which enhances their will power to achieve something in their life.